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Wever & Ducré

Exciting Belgian design lighting for everyone, delivered fast

Wever & Ducré, a Belgian-born brand, offers trendy LED lighting with a twist. Their collections showcase creative and modern architectural designs that spark imagination and transform spaces into unique experiences. Discover the magic of Wever & Ducré's architectural lighting today and be captivated by sleek, innovative designs.

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Discover Wetro

Belgian Design

Wever & Ducré is easy on the tongue in both Dutch and French. This is no coincidence, but a well-considered choice by the young Belgian entrepreneurs who co-founded the brand in 1983. The core values that Wever & Ducré stands for are also reflected in the name: hard work (WErklust), trust (VERtrouwen), enthusiasm (ENthousiasme), courage (DUrf) and creativity (CREativiteit).

This philosophy is also reflected in their products. High-quality lighting made of unique materials that create a pleasant atmosphere in the home. A modern and stylish collection for indoors and outdoors.

It's a material world

They themselves never thought they could make a fixture out of marble, and yet that is exactly what they did. There is plenty of experimentation with unusual materials at Wever & Ducré. They've even transformed felt from recycled PET into a beautiful lamp.

However, the designers' biggest love is aluminium. The material is easy to work with, but the finish is everything. Brushed aluminium, powder coating or even a rust effect. The wide variety of options make Wever & Ducré a varied brand that stands out in your interior.

Light for the future

For years, Wever & Ducré has stood for high-quality products made from the best materials. Products with a long service life that are also easy to repair. The technical side must never be inferior to the beauty of the design.

The company not only guarantees lighting that lasts for years, but also a smaller impact on the environment. For example, with a view to the future, they also partnered with COLORNETWORK to create sustainable and future-proof products.

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