Kitchen lighting

The kitchen has become a true living space. This is why you will not only find under-cabinet lighting and recessed spotlights in this selection, but also the most attractive lighting to fit above the cooking island. Show all

So much more than just cooking

Choosing your kitchen lighting can sometimes be a bit tricky. That’s because the kind of lighting that is best for your kitchen depends on several factors.

First of all, there is the kitchen itself: how large is it, and how are the kitchen cabinets laid out? The style of the kitchen also plays a role. A country kitchen needs different lighting than a sleek, modern kitchen. Finally, the use of the kitchen is also important. Is it used only for cooking, or is it a large kitchen where you can also eat?

On the basis of these questions, we are pleased to help you on the way to selecting the perfect lighting for your kitchen!

Types of kitchen lighting

Regardless of what your kitchen looks like, you will need different types of light.

  • General lighting:

    the light you switch on when you enter the kitchen. Recessed spotlights, surface-mounted spotlights or other ceiling lights are usually used here.

  • Functional lighting:

    the lighting of your worktop. This is usually under-cabinet lighting, unless you don't have overhead units, of course.

  • Atmospheric lighting:

    a more homely light is especially important in large modern kitchens, where more is happening than simply cooking.

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Kitchen island lighting

Modern kitchens often feature a kitchen island. This can be illuminated in various ways.

  • Recessed spotlights:

    these can be incorporated into the ceiling, or, in the case of a cooking island, lights can be fitted into the cooker hood.

  • Pendant lamps:

    pendant lamps above the cooking island really create the right mood. Be sure to hang enough pendant lamps to create homogeneous lighting for your island. You may also opt for one long fitting that provides your entire worktop with light.

  • Rail systems and profiles:

    with a rail system or profile, you can illuminate the entire island, and even provide different types of light where necessary. Brighter light on the worktop, and a softer light in the dining area.

Under-cabinet kitchen lighting

One of the most specific types of lighting for the kitchen is under-cabinet lighting. A surface-mounted fitting is installed under the wall cabinets, and evenly illuminates the worktop. In the past, TL lamps were often used for this, but LED lighting underneath the kitchen cabinets is, of course, a better alternative, as they have no start-up time and a longer service life and use less power.

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