Rustic lighting

Lighting is very important in a farmhouse interior. This deco style is all about warmth and cosiness, so the right light is essential. Discover the perfect lights in our collection 'Farmhouse lighting'. Show all

Projecting a warm and cosy feeling

The farmhouse interior style aims for a warm atmosphere. It shows in the materials used. Furniture often comes in (sturdy) wood. For lighting warm metals, such as copper and bronze, are mainly used. Also rusty metals are quite popular in farmhouse fixtures.

Modern farmhouse style

A submovement within the farmhouse style which is really making a name for itself over the last few years, is modern farmhouse. This new implementation of the farmhouse style is considerably lighter, yet still as warm. For this style, metal and glass fixtures are a very popular choice, such as the Absinthe Vitrum collection or the Portreath lights by Nautic.

Recessed lighting

Back in the day it was nearly unthinkable to use recessed lighting in a farmhouse kind of dwelling, but in the modern version it's fairly common. Most of the time these spotlights will still be accomponied by a nice pendant light, even though this is merely for aesthetics.

Modern farmhouse kitchen

Outdoor farmhouse lighting

Picking the right lighting for your farmhouse shouldn't stop at the front door. Your garden and patio also deserve cosy lighting. Bollards, wall and pendant lights are the perfect mood makers for a rural setting.

Just make sure you don't overexpose your farmhouse garden. It's much easier to create a pleasant atmosphere if you play with dark and light spots. Accents, like a nicely illuminated three or bush, make your garden look very atmosperic.

Show off your outdoor lighting

Just because you're going for that farmhouse look, doesn't mean you can only use farmhouse lighting. Use modern bollards if you want to, just make sure that the overall picture is perfect.

Also keep in mind that a farmhouse garden doesn't need to look sleek and clean, so don't bother hiding the lights. Show off your outdoor lighting! Choose lighting with that little extra touch, like Il Fanale, an Italian brand with an outdoor collection that goes perfectly with a farmhouse setting.

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